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 Welcome to Cadasist Adjusters!


As adjusters in the premier estimate review and claims processing in the Georgia region, we provide the highest quality estimate review, agreed figures, and appraising services available.  We offer professional claims handling by highly trained licensed adjusters and material damage experts.  Cadasist Adjusters provide excellent customer service within a 24 to 48 hour turnaround.


What Type of Claims Do We Handle?


Claims Processing


Claims Auditing


Ladder Assistance


Home Owner’s

- Including Mobile Homes





For Staff and  Independent Adjusters




Claim Negotiations




Provide Diagrams,   Measuring, Sketching,  and Photos


Auto Liability



Post Repair Audits


Specialize in Steep Two  Story Roofs






Claims Processing

Ø Estimating and investigating claims

Ø Negotiating settlements for water, fire, mold, flood, hail & lightning

Ø Determine accurate itemized costs involved in damage repairs

Ø Negotiate fair & reasonable agreed settlements

Ø Maintain quality control to meet industry standards


Claims Auditing

Ø Pricing verification

Ø Audit staff and independent adjusters for appraisal content quality

Ø Identify and negotiate to recover the variance on each claim


Ladder Assistance

Ø Climb ladder and take photos

Ø Provide roof pitch and gauge shingles

Ø Do test squares

Ø Measure and diagram roof

Ø Mark damages





We will provide you with quick and consistent damage reports that identifies all of the critical areas of concern.  Our qualified professionals from Cadasist Adjusters will allow you to dramatically increase your productivity and CLOSE MORE CLAIMS!

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